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Appointments will be conducted over WebEx. Your advisor will reach out to you via email with further instructions before your scheduled appointment.


Before your appointment, please find your advising sheet on our website:



Please read all of the following before scheduling an appointment to see a Health Programs Advisor.

You MUST attend a HEALTH PROGRAMS ORIENTATION prior to scheduling an appointment to see a Health Programs Advisor.  

NOTEIf you attended a Health Program Orientation (HPO) more than two years ago, you are required to attend another.  However, if you have met with an advisor within the last two years there’s no need to redo the HPO.


If you arrive late for your scheduled appointment it will be canceled and you will be required to reschedule it.


ATTENTION: If the focus of your appointment is regarding a Financial Aid (SAPP) Appeal, Excess Credit Fee Appeal, Completion of the Associate of General Studies Degree, Academic Probation/Suspension, or if you wish to discuss more than one Limited Entry Program with the advisor, please schedule two consecutive (back-to-back) appointments!


If you intend to complete General Education courses at CSN and then transfer to another institution,  please reveiw your MyCoyotePLAN or visit to make an appointment to discuss transfer options.  


                                          IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS!


If you are interested in any of the Open-Entry Health Programs listed below, please contact the Program Director for these programs. Do not schedule an appointment with a Health Programs Advisor.


  • Medical Transcription
  • Contact Lens Technician
  • Dental Assisting
  • Medical Office Practices
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Ophthalmic Dispensing
  • Optical Laboratory Technician
  • Patient Registration

FEBRUARY 21, 2018



The Health Programs Advisement Office is here to help you begin your career in the Health Sciences Profession you have chosen.  The following procedures are Mandatory for all learners pursuing a Limited Entry Health Scinces Program:


● Attend a Health Programs Orientation - (Prior attendance cannot be more than 2 years ago)
● Meet with a Health Programs Advisor 
● Attend a Limited Entry Workshop - (Prior attendance cannot be more than 2 years ago)

Completion of the Health Programs Orientation is mandatory and must occur prior to scheduling an appointment with a Health Programs Advisor

If the above steps are not completed, your Limited Entry Application will not be processed.


Program requirements are subject to change annually.  Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to visit the Health Programs Advising Office and/or meet with a Health Programs Advisor regularly to obtain the most current information on your program of interest.

NOVEMBER 20, 2017

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